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We give your windows a new shine!

Fensterputzer Fensterreinigung Firmengebäude

Window cleaning on company buildings

Fensterreinigung Sonderformen Dachfenster

Window cleaning for special shapes

Private Fensterreinigung Modernes Weißes Haus

Private home window cleaning

In recent years we have gained a lot of experience in the field of window cleaning and know exactly what to be aware of when cleaning windows. The frames, fittings and folds simply are a part of it. We also know how to handle special shapes and forms! Just get in touch with us!


KAMA Cleaning and Janitor Service

Your partner for shiny and streak-free windows!



Quality and reliability are very important nowadays. For us, quality is a matter of course. You don’t have to show us with your finger, where the journey is going. We know for ourselves!  

KAMA Cleaning and Janitor Service

Your partner for premium quality!

We attach great importance to a correct treatment of our environment. That’s why we use environmental friendly products and strive to shape the environmental awareness of our customers and employees.

KAMA Cleaning and Janitor Service

Your partner for environmental-friendly cleaning!


Window cleaning isn’t always just window cleaning. Sometimes it goes very quickly, sometimes the degree of pollution requires more careful cleaning than usual. We can handle challenges like resin soiling or other stubborn soiling. We work responsibly and use products and equipment that enable us to remove such dirt smoothly without damaging the windows.

The cleaning of frames, fittings, folds, blinds and shutters rounds off our range of services and provides even more shine!

KAMA Cleaning and Janitor Service

Your partner for streak-free windows with lots of shine!

We can work up to 20 meters high without expensive lifting platforms.

Our services for glass & window cleaning as a summary:

  • Cleaning of window frames, fittings and folds

  • Cleaning of windows and glass panels

  • Cleaning of display windows

  • Cleaning of glass facades and glass roofs

  • Cleaning of windows of special shapes

  • Cleaning of winter gardens and sun rooms

The innovative glass & window cleaning with pure water 100% ECO – without the use of chemicals!

The glass and window cleaning is done in a special way using demineralized water. The pure water is obtained by passing it through a mobile revers osmosis unit or an ion exchanger. The demineralized water is led via hoses to a modular rod system with washing brush attachment. The windows and glass surfaces, including the frames, are cleaned and rinsed with the leaking water. Thereby the use of environmentally harmful chemical cleaning products is avoided. As no residues remain on the window surfaces, they no longer need to be squeegeed or dried subsequently. The window surfaces get clean 100% free of streaks and stains.


KAMA Cleaning and Janitor Service

Your partner for shiny and streak-free windows!

Crystal clear advantages of cleaning with pure water!

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